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Meet Andi

Some people search their whole life for a place to belong and some people just get lucky and that place finds them.  Andi’s story is one of luck mixed with hard work. She was 18 and needed a job. Her neighbor in Seattle was the manager of a bigger local bike shop so he put in a good word for her.  She started off working in sales and riding road bikes when she wasn’t in school.

With hard work and persistence Andi worked her way from sales back to repairs.  Once she started working on bikes Andi started hanging out with the other mechanics who road mostly mountain bikes.  She gave it a try and found that she was able to pick it up quickly. Before long she was working as a mechanic at cyclocross races and shredding through the trees on a mountain bike.  She really enjoyed the races. There was a lot of comradery amongst the competitors and she started to form strong friendships with many of the racers.

Because of her natural talent for mountain biking, the sport really made Andi feel more confident in all aspects of her life.  Andi enjoyed racing so much she quit her job at the bike shop and started working in a dental office because that gave her the weekends off to race. In the beginning there weren’t many women competing.  Over time the races grew from an average of 2 or 3 riders to somewhere between 8 and 10. This was thanks, in part to brand ambassadors who were out at these events encouraging women to try racing.

Eventually Andi went pro.  She raced mostly in small local races and did some work to encourage other women to join in.  When Andi saw that one of her sponsors, Liv bikes, had a position opening up for a Brand ambassador, she was stoked.  She applied for the position and that is when she met Ash Bodine. Ash was the exiting ambassador and owner of ROAM events.  

As luck would have it, Andi did not get the job with Liv but she did form a lasting connection with Ash.  Within a year she had quit her job at the dental office and was working full time with Roam events as a mechanic and a ride leader.  Andi was really pulled into the whole idea of Roam because the biking community she found in racing had become so important in her life.  You can now find Andi sharing in a hug, listening with absolute attention or encouraging fellow riders. People come to the Roam events because they need to belong and Andi is able to help them find that.

When Andi was starting out she had to really search for female riding companions.  Over time her biking community grew until there was always someone ready to join her for a ride.  Andi realized that most women didn’t have that. She loves to help the women who show up at the Roam events build that community and form lasting connections with each other.  Thanks in part to Andi, at every Roam event, brand new communities of women riders are born.

Meet Ash

An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking.  Adventures can take on many shapes; getting a new job, whitewater rafting the colorado river, mountain biking unknown trails, or starting a business.  Adventure in its many forms is what makes life worth living.

Ash Bocast is an adventure expert.  Right after completing her degree in event management Ash hopped a plane to New Zealand.  She got a job at an outdoor store and fell in with some local Mountain Bikers. Ash had always been interested in Mountain biking and now she had the time and guidance to really gain some skill in the sport.  While most of the guys she road with were up and coming professionals, Ash felt accepted and included when they rode together.

Ash eventually found a job working with a company hosting high end events in New Zealand.  Through this company she began working as a guide until 2010 when her visa ran out. Forced to leave New Zealand, Ash did some traveling and ended up in Thailand learning to rock climb.  She had been away from the United States for about two years at this point so she was excited to hear some familiar accents climbing nearby.

Ash approached the American climbers and they hit it off.  Over dinner later that night they asked her about herself and what she would do when she went home to the States.  Ash told the group that she had a degree in event management so she hoped to get an interview with a group called Bold Earth, a teen adventure summer camp.  The group began to laugh then the man at the head of the table told her she was hired. It turned out the whole group was with Bold Earth and they thought she would be a perfect fit for the company. Ash spent two summers with Bold Earth and Loved every minute of it

Eventually Ash found herself longing to work back home in Chico California.  She found a job with Backroads tours. She began leading trips all over the United States, including many cross country road cycling trips.  Ash loved her job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else until a friend from the Girls Gone Riding cycling club in LA put her in contact with Liv, a women’s specific cycling brand.  After speaking with the people at Liv Ash quit her job and joined their Demo team. She worked as a field Marketing Coordinator, helping shops better market to women and running Demo events.

In 2015 Ash had a great idea for a Liv demo event.  She booked a Whitefish Bike Retreat where women would be able to demo many bikes over a 3 day weekend event.  She had already sold out the event when she was told by Liv that they loved the idea but couldn’t host a bike retreat, their insurance wouldn’t cover it.  Rather than cancel the event Ash quickly set up a business online. She named it Roam Events and had Liv hire her company to host this demo retreat for them.  The weekend was a total success, of the 12 women who attended 6 bought a new bike.

That was all the evidence Ash needed that this was a much needed service for women mountain bikers.  She continued to work for Liv and began hosting Roam Events on her weekends off.  For about a year she grew her business, learning from each weekend how to make it even better.  Finally she was ready to go all in. She quit her job at Liv to build up Roam full time. She met Andi, a pro rider who had applied to take her place at Liv, and asked for her help as a bike mechanic and trail guide.

Roam has grown and evolved in amazing ways since that first year.  They now have two main events. The first is their bike fest, held twice a year.  The festival is like a grown up sleep away camp. This is an event for intermediate to advanced women riders to get together and “play bikes”.  They have guide led trail rides, bikes to demo, tons of mouth-watering food for sale, and 300 of your newest friends to offer support and encouragement.  The second type of event is the small and more intimate Mountain bike retreat. This is a build your own adventure, all inclusive vacation. They provide the bike, the trail guide and all the food for the weekend.  As the rider; you just show up, make friends and ride as much or as little as you want.

Ash started her career taking chances.  Weather she is traveling the globe, starting a business or shredding down unknow trails, Ash Bocase is a master of adventure.  Now, thanks to Roam any one of us is welcome to join her, at least for a weekend.