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Meet Kourtney

Kourtney Barrett

It can be so hard to stay close to your kids as they get older.  Once they hit about twelve years old, they know everything and they “just can’t even” with you anymore.  All moms handle this difficult transition, from cute baby to monsterous teen, differently. Some moms ignore the snotty comments and live safely under a blanket of denial.  Others drink heavily and wait for the phase to run its course. Then there are the heroes of motherhood. The moms who find a passion to share with their child so they can stay connected against all odds.

Kourtney Barrett

Kourtney is one such hero.  She once lived a normal life like everyone else but that all changed when she started making her two mile commute by bicycle rather than car.  It made her feel so happy and alive that she started to convert other car drivers to the cycling life. She even started to take her family to local mountain biking events to gawk at the crazy people who rode bikes down dangerous rocky trails.

Kourtney didn’t see any women riding in these events but she did notice boys not much older than her own son.  She could have taken the easy way out and sent her son off to learn the trails on his own but what would be the fun in that.  Instead she tried taking her commuter bike on the trails. All that did was remind her of the time in fourth grade when she took a bike with no brakes down the biggest hill in town.  That is to say, it didn’t end well. As a kid she threw down the bike vowing never to ride again, as an adult she realized she just needed some pointers.

Kourtney hired Dustin Slaughter, a local expert, to teach her entire family more about Mountain biking.  He taught them what to look for in a bike, showed them around the local trails and gave them some valuable safety tips.  Kourtney, and her family, enjoyed the lesson so much she bought a bike from him on the spot.  

Since then you can see Kourtney and her younger kids enjoying the easy greenway trail or you might see her with her husband and older son shredding on the single track.  In order to keep up with her son as he began taking jumps and speeding around berms, Kourtney took some skills classes. She heard that NICA offered an instructor course, where she would learn to introduce others to the trails the way Dustin Slaughter had helped her family.  

Kourtney Barrett

Kourtney really wanted other moms to be able to experience the bonding and comradery that mountain biking with your kids can offer.  That’s why she took that instructors class then started a Tuesday afternoon women’s ride. Kourtney said, “I think at the time this town needed a consistent ride for women and I wanted to offer that”.   Her goal was to help other women discover how the joy of riding can help them connect to their family.  Why sit on the sideline while dad takes the kids riding? This is a sport for everyone and a great way for kids and their parents to connect in a positive way.

Kourtney doesn’t want her kids to grow up with a tablet in their hands.  She could just tell them to go out and play but instead she has found a way to play with them.  They go out together on bikes and discover nature, develop their riding skills, talk, laugh and just enjoy each other’s company.  Really, why would any mom want to miss out on that?

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