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Meet Andi

Some people search their whole life for a place to belong and some people just get lucky and that place finds them.  Andi’s story is one of luck mixed with hard work. She was 18 and needed a job. Her neighbor in Seattle was the manager of a bigger local bike shop so he put in a good word for her.  She started off working in sales and riding road bikes when she wasn’t in school.

With hard work and persistence Andi worked her way from sales back to repairs.  Once she started working on bikes Andi started hanging out with the other mechanics who road mostly mountain bikes.  She gave it a try and found that she was able to pick it up quickly. Before long she was working as a mechanic at cyclocross races and shredding through the trees on a mountain bike.  She really enjoyed the races. There was a lot of comradery amongst the competitors and she started to form strong friendships with many of the racers.

Because of her natural talent for mountain biking, the sport really made Andi feel more confident in all aspects of her life.  Andi enjoyed racing so much she quit her job at the bike shop and started working in a dental office because that gave her the weekends off to race. In the beginning there weren’t many women competing.  Over time the races grew from an average of 2 or 3 riders to somewhere between 8 and 10. This was thanks, in part to brand ambassadors who were out at these events encouraging women to try racing.

Eventually Andi went pro.  She raced mostly in small local races and did some work to encourage other women to join in.  When Andi saw that one of her sponsors, Liv bikes, had a position opening up for a Brand ambassador, she was stoked.  She applied for the position and that is when she met Ash Bodine. Ash was the exiting ambassador and owner of ROAM events.  

As luck would have it, Andi did not get the job with Liv but she did form a lasting connection with Ash.  Within a year she had quit her job at the dental office and was working full time with Roam events as a mechanic and a ride leader.  Andi was really pulled into the whole idea of Roam because the biking community she found in racing had become so important in her life.  You can now find Andi sharing in a hug, listening with absolute attention or encouraging fellow riders. People come to the Roam events because they need to belong and Andi is able to help them find that.

When Andi was starting out she had to really search for female riding companions.  Over time her biking community grew until there was always someone ready to join her for a ride.  Andi realized that most women didn’t have that. She loves to help the women who show up at the Roam events build that community and form lasting connections with each other.  Thanks in part to Andi, at every Roam event, brand new communities of women riders are born.