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Lifestyle Photography: The Bigger Story


Life style photography is a fun and creative way to share the memorable moments of you and your children. People often over look these shoots because they either don’t understand them or they feel too vulnreable to particpiate in them. To be honest, I as a photographer struggled with the concept initially. I felt that a more journalistic approach is more raw and real. However, as I have begun to explore this concept I realized that I was able to bring out genuine expressions through planned moments.
You may be wondering what exactly is a “Life Style” Photoshoot? And thats great that youre thinking that!

Life style photography is depicting a fun situation that may or may not happen often in your home. For parents with children this could be a water color fight, baking in the kitchen or jumping on the bed with pillows. For young couples this could be a scenario set up in the home such as cooking a romantic meal, playing your favorite games or making music together. Truly I could spend a lot of time here with examples but I wont.

The point is, capturing your life style in a fun envorment is more than planning out a scenario. It is more than matching your clothes, setting the house up just right or executing a giant master plan of ideas to photograph. It is capturing the life style that represents you and your family. It is capturing a very special, well planned moment shared between families and sometimes friends. It is a photograph that is more than a pose in a field, it’s a memory and representation of who you are individually and who you are as a unit. And I must say, these are so much fun to photograph! some of the best smiles, glances and moments are capured in these sessions.


Perhaps you are used to the traditional family photo that hangs in your living room wall or mantle, and thats ok. But perhaps you may be curious about a photo that speaks more about your family than words. If so, reach out to us and we would love to help capture these into photos that will last a lifetime!

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