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Holidays: A time for Family and Reflections


Holidays always bring about time spent with family or for some time spent reflecting on the losses and gains of the past year. Sometimes these two occur together.

As a paramedic I am able to evaluate the loss and the gains. I am able to be a part of the stories of people who have had major losses and major come backs. As a photographer I get to capture these moments. Both important and both treasured.

This past Holiday season I was asked to capture some family gatherings. I can not express how important these photos are for everyones present and future. Photos that capture family together is un-replaceable. Wether it is a family portrait or a journalistic approach you will always look back wanting that photo.

Have you lost someone and found a photo that reminded you of a moment spent with that person. The emotions that unfold reminding you of a time so special. A photo that brings an instant smile on your face? Perhaps it causes butterflies in your stomach. Often times may even lead to warm tears as the story un folds in your mind.

Photos have the power to do that. Photos have the power to bring us to a place of joy and peace. Photos have the ability to tell a story that speaks more than just words. It can document the love between people that stands strong over time.

Capturing your family is more important than these simple words can express. Often times people will approach me with regret for not making the time to have photos done right. As a paramedic and a photographer I can attest to this. Whether it is a simple portrait or a more complex shoot, book with us to get your shoot done right. It is worth the investment, I can promise you that.

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